2 Sep 2014

Dan Foley - Welcome to WETHEPEOPLE PRO

Dan Foley needs little introduction in BMX, a clinical and stylish rider both on street and ramp. After his initial first brief offering, heres the complete welcome to the WETHEPEOPLE PRO team edit.

28 Aug 2014

Luka Matković - Short 2

Luka's edits are always fantastic. As he says, it should've been longer, but had to be cut short for some reason. Whatever. I enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of the banger at the end.

27 Aug 2014


Pannonian Challenge with Senad Grosic

Watch Senad Grošić's adventure on Pannonian Challenge XV.
Video and edit by www.FISKUR.at


23 Aug 2014

Lost in the baltics - Jason Phelan, Andres Lainevool, Isaac Lesser

Jason Phelan,Isaac Lesser,Andres Lainevool and Talis Viirpalu get there bikes and travel around the baltics, hitchhiking taking buses and trains. They encounter madness wherever they go and they have a hell of a good time. #lostinthebaltics

22 Aug 2014

Jason Lopez 2014

Jason Lopez (Nor-Cal based) has been working all summer to put this edit out, two weeks ago the computer that had the whole edit saved on it was stolen. over the past 10 days, Jason went to every spot and re-filmed every single clip.