5 Feb 2016

Dave Mirra Tribute

BMX bike legend Dave Mirra who once had the record for the most X Games medals has died. A true legend, childhood hero to many of us and one of the guys who put BMX on the map. He medalled in every X Games from when they started in 1995 up to 2009. That is 24 medals, including 14 gold medals, which stood as a record until 2013. Landed the double backflip in 2000 at X Games Park contest. Mirra was also known as Mirracle Man because of his riding, everything he did was out of this world and crazy which pushed him to win so many X Games medals. His first major sponsor was GT. After GT he signed Haro Bikes and rode several years for them. In 2007 he started his own company called MirraCo. Also who wouldn't remember great BMX video games Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 1&2. After BMX he focused on rallying and by 2014 shifted his attention to Ironman competitions and triathlons. Mirra also rode a $7,500 gold plated bike in the 2005 X Games, crashed hard on vert and was unable to finish but, after a visit to good friend Dan Bradbury, came back the next day to claim yet another gold medal on street.


3 Feb 2016

30 Jan 2016

ODYSSEY BMX | Coming Through on the Clutch

Over the last few months, Jacob Cable, Travis Hughes, Broc Raiford and Justin Spriet all stunted on their Clutch freecoaster hubs for the camera of Francis Castro. Sit back and enjoy then hit up your local bike shop or favorite mailorder and ask for the Clutch.

26 Jan 2016

25 Jan 2016

CONNECTED project - Whistler 2015 - EPISODE 2

In the second episode of the Connected project, the guys ride the best dirt jump trails in Slovenia - Divjina trails - and then we visit Primož's hometown to check out his backyard. Expect some stylish riding at the trails and banger tricks at Primož's training ground. Next stop Whistler, BC


22 Jan 2016