15 Jun 2010

Pistino Slopestyle Photocontest report

Pistino Photocontest 5.6.'10.

A quick note about what the contest is:
Slopestyle Club Nimis' Photocontest is a special kind of contest because its main focus are not the riders and their riding but photographers and their best 5 photo portfolio of the contest.

Video and some photos inside.

EDIT by Luka:
By the way, if you haven't noticed, this report was written by our new contributor aka p@in in the @$$ aka man of many colors aka David. Give him a warm welcome because he's here to stay. Welcome to the crew.

This year's contest took place on the 5.6.'10. with 25 photographers and 40 riders from Italy, France, Slovenia and of course Croatia.
So on a nice sunny day we got ourselves on the road, we as in Goran Jurica (our rider), Luka Urbac (driver and pro-moviemaker), Čovo (the guy with The Sunglasses) and me (local photog and p@in in the @$$ :-D ). After a little traffic jam at the border we had a nice ride till the turn for going to Nimis, so screw you Garmin (he was quite confusing). But all is well that ends well, and we got there.
The Pistino is quite an impressive slopestyle course with 2 dirt jumps on the slope of a hill. We got there in time for Goran to train a bit and for the rest of us to get a nice tan. At 4 o'clock the contest started and the photogs had 3 hours to take all the pictures they want while the riders showed their best. All riders had had to ride the whole slopestyle course at least twice which was quite a stupid thing because some riders had only dirt bikes (like our Goran) but they did their best too. At 6.30 the MTB best trick started so we begun to see some great things. Nicola Pescetto first amazed us with his try of a frontflip ( Nick does awsome 360's) and that got goran going who tried it too, they both landed it later. The contest was full of backflips ( especially by a guy on a blue bike, who seemed to know only those...), tailwhips and 360's. At 7 o'clock a BMX best trick was planned but only 2 bmxers showed up, the great Fabio D'Alessandro ( whose wallride to tailwhip out is great ) and another guy.
Exhausted but happy we wanted to go home after we eaten but we found out that Goran won something so we had to wait for the prize. And they were late so the ceremony started at around 12.
Goran got Best Trick ( and a MDE Anvil frame for that ) and Nicola Pescetto was the Best Rider ( he got a Mongoose bike ). But the real prizes were for the photogs ( first prize was a Elinchrom Ranger flash worth 1400 euros ).
There was also a truck with a crane there so you could go up and shoot ( pictures of course ). Luka and I gladly went up and the view was spectacular.

So we had a great time, and the only minus is that the awards ceremony was late, really late.

A few pictures:

The Pistino

Goran's Backflip


Tailwhip from above

Nick Pescetto

Nick's Frontflip

Goran's Frontflip

The video: