23 Feb 2011

Goran Jurica - R.O.G. Edit

Goran wanted me to edit this little edit for you guys. Jon Durfee also makes a guest appearance in here (since the rest of us were unable to score some good clips). Thanks to Luka S. for driving us all the way to Ljubljana and for showing off his immense parking skills. Also, huge props to the R.O.G. locals for building and running such a place. It was an amazing experience to ride it.

Goran is riding for NS Bikes through Alanprim.

Note #1: Sorry about the video noise. The place is a bit dark and my camera is not as good as some DSLRs in low-light. I tried to apply some noise-reduction filter, but it didn't work as planned. Hope you can still enjoy the video.

Note #2: As of now, the only video available is the Pinkbike version. You'll have to wait some more for the HD one on Vimeo.

Goran Jurica - R.O.G. Edit on pinkbike.com