27 Jul 2011

Umag Dirt Jump Jam 2011 - Photos and Report

Since everyone is too lazy/drunk to write an actual report, I'll do my best with my own writing skills. Photos by our contributors David Turković and Filip Brenčić. Read more for... more?

P.S. I decided to keep a bunch of photos for the video report, so expect them to be online as soon as the edit is finished.

Even though it seemed like this year's Dirt Jump Jam would be a failure due to the awful weather we had in the days before the comp, it turned out pretty good. We had enough riders to put up a very good show in Umag's dirt park. It was actually awesome to see that a lot of "high-end" local riders decided to show up: we had the best Slovenian 4X riders (Tomaž Jeras, Boštjan Pisanec) even though there was a national race in Slovenia; top of the podium dirt jumps guys like Igor Vukadinović "Poki", Aleksandar Manojlović, Primož Tanko, Kristijan Mrak, Domen Fekonja and so on.

I honestly have to say I had a hard time sleeping the night before, because of the pouring rain. It started raining at 3 a.m. and I believe it rained for a good two hours. It was not your average rain: it was raining buckets! Fortunately, what woke me up the morning after was a nice, bright sunny day. It turned out cloudy a bit later, but the terrain had already dried up. We proceeded to meet at the dirt park, greet the first riders, put up the tents, banners and whatnot. Some riders decided that the wind was a bit too strong and went for a swim while waiting for the comp to begin.

Unfortunately, our track was a bit too narrow for an actual 4X race (and there were fewer riders than expected), so we settled for a Dual race: a one-on-one 15 second sprint till the very end of the track. Even the dirt jumpers took a chance at it and Ribnica's finest dirt jumper Primož Tanko took the 3rd place. The battle for the first place was between local race legend Tomaž Jeras "Jerry" and the younger champion Boštjan Pisanec. Boštjan crossed the line first - you could say that the student beat the master?

Afterwards, the guys moved to the dirt track, where the jam session started.

In the MTB category, the third place was for Michael Bellini from Samobor (CRO). He put together some good runs with many flip attempts (he landed one eventually), some nice looking combo tricks (T-bog to X-up) and a lot of 360 flatspins and 360 variations.
X-Team member Leo Gamboc was awarded the 2nd place for his 360's (toboggan, x-up, table, ET), a bunch of flips (and Flip X-up's attempts) and flairs (as well as a flair tabletop).
Primož Tanko took the win, even if he didn't succeed in perfectly landing his 360 double tailwhip. He had some other tricks in his bag, such as 360 and backflip x-up one foots, superman seatgrabs, various no cans, 360 tailwhips, etc. that granted him the victory.

The BMX category had a new competitor who was coughpussycough enough to leave the big wheels and exchange them for 20" ones (to fit his midget-sized car apparently). Jokes apart, the BMXers put together a great show.

Kristijan Mrak is still getting used to his BMX. He scored 4th, but managed to land his signature 360 tailwhip and 360 barspin anyway. He also attempted some flairs and alley-oop flairs in the quarter.
3rd place was there for Aleksandar Manojlović from Karlovac. He mostly boosted the jumps and quarter, showing the audience what it means to have some style.
Maribor-based EvolutionBMX rider Domen Fekonja placed 2nd with some amazing 720s, 540s in the quarter, 360 drop on the start bank and a bunch of 900 attempts on the quarter. He also took the best trick award for 180ing the third jump of the main line (and was asked for his autograph). Simply amazing.

Poki took the win even though he partied till 7 a.m. the night before the jam. Need I say more? Well, I will; just for the sake of the report. His tricks were: flip whip, double tailwhip, flair, no handed backflip, superman, 360 turndown, cannonball, etc.

Well, this would be it. The afterparty was great, even though the rain was there to mess things up. I've seen some videos of it; I don't know if they'll make their way online. I don't even know how to describe the party. You just have to be there to see how good it is, I guess (HINT: See you next year?).

Huge thanks go to all of our sponsors and to all the kids who helped making this happen (you know who you are). Also, props to all the riders for showing up even if the weather wasn't really promising. Thanks to the photographers and audience for supporting us. You're all invited to the 5th Dirt Jump Jam that will take place in 2012 - see our website and follow our Facebook for more details.

Umag Dirt Jump Jam - RESULTS

3. Primož Tanko (Ribnica, SLO)
2. Tomaž Jeras Jerry (Kamnik, SLO)
1. Boštjan Pisanec (Maribor, SLO)

3. Michael Bellini (Samobor, CRO)
2. Leo Gamboc (Umag, CRO)
1. Primož Tanko (Ribnica, SLO)

3. Aleksandar Manojlović (Karlovac, CRO)
2. Domen Fekonja (Maribor, SLO)
1. Igor Vukadinović Poki (Osijek, CRO)

Domen Fekonja (Maribor, SLO) - Huge 180 to Fakie