29 Sep 2011

Kristian Gergeta - 6+6 Interview and Edit

Kristian is a very talented rider and one of the few to ride with 4 pegs in our country. I decided to help him out with his park edit. There's a street one in the works and you can read more about it and about Kiki after the jump.

Name: Kristian Gergeta
Age: 17
Hometown: Poreč
Sponsors: ironybmx.com support, OBC support

1 What's your favorite bike-related memory?
Definitely the first time I left Poreč to go ride some spots in Pula, mostly because I ride alone in my hometown and Pula has a bigger BMX scene. It was a completely different experience for me.

2 If you could be a part of any pro team, which would you choose and why?
Any team that could grant me lots of road trips. If I had to choose, I'd say Cult or Primo, since the guys on their teams are the top notch when it comes to stylish BMX riders.

3 You have a particular "old school" 4-pegged style of riding: what made you decide you wanted to ride like that? Is there any particular rider or video part that influenced your choice?
It was mostly Marko Mrđenović from Pula (N.B. one of the masterminds behind the Huščija series) and the videos filmed in Pula from 2/2 and a half years ago. I liked the fact that I could grind on both sides: I could ride any ledges even if they weren't oriented on my topside.

4 What can we expect in your next edit?
Lots of grinds and lines. We'll be filming in Umag and Poreč and maybe some other spots around Istra as well. It'll be just street. Nothing else. Stay tuned.

5 Describe your perfect day.
Satuday. I get up when I get enough sleep. Breakfast, surfing the internet, lunch. Riding session from 15/16 till 20 o'clock. Dinner. Hanging out with friends.

6 Are you looking for sponsors or are you better off without them? What would you want a sponsorship to be (free parts? road trips? other things?)?
I'm not really putting much effort in looking for sponsors, but why not? I'd love to have free parts, but I believe it's asking too much for such a small scene as the one in my country. I'd have to look for sponsors outside Croatia; even though I'd be satisfied with any kind of discount on parts.

Six places you'd love to ride
Brooklyn banks
Split, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

Five things you hate
Broken parts
People who stand in front of ledges/stairs
Empty battery on my MP3 player
Arrogant cops
Mosquitos when I lay in bed

Four fun things to do in your hometown
Riding street in the winter
Partying and hanging out with friends in the summer
Playing rugby in the water
...and that'd be it: it's not a really fun city.

Three reasons why a company should sponsor you
I'm always up for filming
I have lots of grind variations
My parts don't break too often...

Two favorite video parts
Edwin De La Rosa - Animal Cuts
Emil Eriksson - Shadow Conspiracy

One grind you'd do for the rest of your life