8 Feb 2013

BMX is Coming: First screenshots

As controversial as this is, it seems to have taken off and went viral with the support of virtually every BMX rider on the net. Honestly, as it was pointed out by The Come Up, it seems unrealistic that a very small developer from Spain can take as much work upon themselves, without the help of any bigger videogame company.

Other things that were pointed out are:
- it's fairly unlikely that a small team can make the game compatible for more than one platform (although, it seems the Unity engine is a great choice for this)
- they have next to no experience when it comes to videogames, so it might be very buggy
- I don't believe we'll be seeing any brands and/or real riders, as it would probably be a pain in the ass to get all the licensing needed
- the countdown on their site was set on 10 days - is it possible that they did all the work without advertising it until now?
- the artwork of the logo looks fairly sketchy

I want to believe, especially since they released some in-game screenshots (and you can check them below), but it's very difficult to overcome the questions posted above. What do you think?